Max Provenzano


MAx Provenzano (born December 30, 1986) is a Venezuelan artist graduated in chemistry from the Central University of Venezuela in 2011. In his artistic career he is considered a self- taught, he has made some workshops but he doesn ́t have an artistic college career. He began as a painter with found objects on the Caracas streets his first exhibitions were in 2009 in non- conventional spaces. His work is about the interaction between Body and Object, lately the link between these two aspects turned into photography, performance and video, as a registration of the pass of time. There is an interest to explore different materials and effects on body, taking into account the above and after these interactions and how it involves the space, time and context. In his experimentation he works with different techniques to produce registration as a photocopy, scanning, photography, sound or video recording, drawing. The objects are such as materials, food, found or seized objects. Some of the performances are collective but most of them personal, in which the viewer becomes involved through various reactions and multi-sensory experiences. The Registration of all the performances, interactions, photographs are archived and uploaded to web and displayed through social networks, producing new interactions via internet. Between 2011 and 2013 he has exhibited in various states of Venezuela including Aragua, Táchira, Carabobo, Yaracuy, Lara, Mérida, Cojedes, Barinas and Caracas. Internationally his work has been shown in México, Colombia, Finland, Brazil, Spain, EEUU. He has won three awards in Venezuela, one of them in called “Premio Municipal de Fotografía Ciudad Caracas” (2013), and “Me Gusta” (2013), “Premio Exposición en el Museo de Arte de Valencia” (2014) for a Performance/ Installation both awards in “Octubre Joven” an exposition of young artists. In 2014 he has his first solo exhibition called “inflexiones” at ONG (Organización Nelson Garrido) in Caracas, in which the artist moved his room to the gallery and lived during the sample, the exhibition included actions that were released on the Internet as pictures and video generated in site specific. Another solo projects are “El Tercer Mundo” (2015) in Valencia Art Museum, “ READYMAx” (2017) in ABRA and “Elucidaciones” (2017) in El Anexo/Arte Contemporáneo both galleries located in Caracas. Actually he is working up in a residence independent project called “(IM)PORTAR” with the artist- investigator Pancho López in México city.


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